Throughfeed Drilling Machine with Servo Drived - PC Control

Throughfeed Drilling Machine with Servo Drived - PC Control


Product Description

  • Auto 6 Rows Boring Machine is recommended to use for mass production even with frequent adjustments of boring hole patterns from time to time by furniture companies. Movement of vertical boring rows is easy, fast and precise by servo motor corresponding to rack and pinion. PC controlled, vertical rows move automatically on the basis of hole position drawings thus the machine is easy to set in production line.
  • Auto feed-in and feed-out with 3 sections
  • Pneumatic locking device applied at vertical rows, for adjusting or changing of drilling block much faster and precise; Boring blocks with this flexibility can make different boring hole pattern easy.
  • 4 rows on bottom and 2 rows on side, up to 22pcs work pieces per minute

Technician Data

Model NDC402
Max panel width 2550 mm
Min. panel width 250 mm
Max. panel thickness 50mm
Max feeding speed 78m/min
Vertical drills qty. 4 rows*11*2=88
Horizontal drills qty. 2 rows *21=42
Spacing of drills 32mm
Servo motor qty. 7
Max vertical boring depth 50mm
Max horizontal boring depth 40mm
Total power 28kW
Approx. weight 5,200 kg
Overall dimension 5,540*3,660*1,950 mm
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