CNC 6-sided Drilling Machine

CNC 6-sided Drilling Machine


Product Description

  • High technology compact machine making possible to drill holes on 6 sides, groove top and bottom, route shapes in one process without necessary of turning panel. Continuous working for various batch sizes and patterns to fit complex production. High accuracy and processing effective, basically no complaints.
  • Long guiding rail with dual clampers. Cleaning device in between to remove possible chips and dust on workpiece surface for tightly grasping. Special design on bottom, clampers will fall down to make sure workpiece and the unloading table are at same level to prevent possible small scratch.
  • Two boring blocks and one 3.5kw main spindle on top processing unit; One boring block and one 3.5kw main spindle on bottom processing unit; Well arranged drills layout makes it possible to do mirror processing at the same time.
  • The accurate movement of each axis is ensured by the high quality servo motors. Fast and precise. Max travelling speed: X/U/Y/Z:135/135/75/30m/min
Long guiding rail with two clamps

Technician Data

Model NCB612DX
Panel length 200-3000mm
Panel width 30-1200mm
Panel thickness 10-60mm
Max speed 135/135/75/30m/min
Main spindle power 3.5kw×2
Max rotation speed 18000rpm
Upper vert.drill 18×2
Upper vert. drill X direction:6×2
Y direction:2×2
Lower vert.drill 9
Rotation speed 5000rpm
Dust collector Top dust collector: φ150mm×2
Bottom dust collector: φ125mm
Total power 21.93kw
Overall dimension 6150×2806×2325mm
Net weight 3750kg
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