CNC Machining Center

CNC Machining Center


Product Description

  • Heavy duty triangle support structure bed structure machine body and most mechanical machine parts are proceed by advanced CNC machines within Nanxing factories and through strict QC inspection hence higher stability and longer service life without deforming ;
  • Powerful imported main spindle 12kw, 24,000 rpm; HSK-63F; 14 vertical drills+8 horizontal drills+1 grooving saw blade;
  • The automatic servo tool change magazine with 8-slots, no need to change tool manually, maximum operation convenience, saves labor;
  • Six sets of table rails coupled with 3 kinds of suction pads can lock panels in different shape and size tightly while processing. Quick change as per requirements;
  • Safety light curtain is divided into two areas for dual working stations, won’t affect the normal processing of the other station when operator comes to put panel on one working station, ensure personal safety during the alternatively working on two working stations
  • OSAI control system provides stable performance, powerful functions and ease of use.

Technician Data

Model NCP3312Z2
Table size 3300×1250mm
Max speed 80/80/30 m/min
Main spindle power 12kw
Max rotate speed 24000rpm
Vertical drills 14
Horizontal drills X direction:2×2
Y direction:2×2
Rotate speed 4000rpm
Saw blade 1
Suction flow rate 160m³/h
Vacuum pump 5.5kw
Dust collector φ200mm
Total power 28kw
Overall dimension 5220×2600×2620mm
Net weight 4800kg
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