Panel Dividing Saw

Panel Dividing Saw


Product Description

  • Pressure beam automatically self-adjusted according to the total height of panels, to shorten the travel range, hence higher efficiency.
  • Saw carriage automatically moved to fit based on the width of panel, reduces travel distance.
  • Both main saw and scoring saw with independent movements of up and down, also main saw automatically self-adjusted minimizing the lifting height for efficiency besides making best finish.The setting of the scoring saw blade to the main saw is carried out via the operating terminal.
  • Scoring saw movements of up and down, as well as front and back, adjustable by software offering intelligent, fast, and easy elements.
  • Quick exchange of main saw blade, ideal design for operator.
  • Device fixed within saw carriage to push from side of board when running to cut, even for thin and soft board, at the same time to guide alignment for perfect square cut.
  • Powerful software so easy to use, including managing the work process with detailed reports, simulating cutting patterns, showing any error message, printing bar code and many more advantages, also user friendly HMI, making whole machine much reliable.

Technician Data

Model NPC280 NPC330 NPC380
Cutting length 2800mm 3300mm 3800mm
Cutting thickness 90mm 90mm 90mm
Main saw rotating speed 3910rpm 3910rpm 3910rpm
Scoring saw rotating speed 4300rpm 4300rpm 4300rpm
Saw carriage forward speed 90 m/min 90 m/min 90 m/min
Saw carriage backward speed 120 m/min 120 m/min 120 m/min
Main saw motor 15kw 15kw 15kw
Auto feeding speed 85 m/min 85 m/min 85 m/min
Dust extraction φ150mm×3 φ150mm×3 φ150mm×3
Total power 23.5kw 23.5kw 23.5kw
Overall size 6900×4950×1820mm 6900×5400×1820mm 7400×5900×1820mm
Net weight 4800kg 5300kg 5800kg
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