Beam Saw

Beam Saw


Product Description

  • Cutting work could be done by only press button after fixing panel, easy and fast.
  • Accurate ruler and guiding device cooperated well to fix work piece in proper position as per requirement for accurate cutting work.
  • Stop position of saw carriage could be adjusted by rotating the button based on panel size, reducing unnecessary travel stroke for higher efficiency.
Beam Saw MJB1333B   Beam Saw MJB1333B    
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Technician Data

Model MJB1333B
Cutting length 3300mm
Cutting thickness 76mm
Main saw rotating speed 4200rpm
Scoring saw rotating speed 6500rpm
Saw carriage forward speed 0-45 m/min
Saw carriage backward speed 80 m/min
Main saw motor 11kw
Saw carriage driven motor 1.5kw
Air blower 2.2kw
Dust extraction φ150mm×3
Total power 14.7kw
Overall size 5830×3950×1700mm
Net weight 2950kg
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