Edge Banding Machine for Inclined Edge

Edge Banding Machine for Inclined Edge


Product Description

Edge Banding Direction

Edge Banding Machine for Inclined Edge
  • 45 degrees diamond forming bevel cutters controlled by two 4kw high-power motors, high rotating speed 2800rpm of low vibration and low noise, this combination of strong cutters and powerful motors ensures perfect milling effect without cracks.
  • Two edge tape changing system makes it possible to switch between straight edge and bevel edge just by one button without any extra set up work.
  • One separate gluing unit for fully straight edge gluing and the other set of gluing unit with two glue pots for half bevel and fully bevel edge gluing, better performance and fast switch between straight and bevel.
  • Fast move back structure, move a little bit backward while doing bevel edge, move forward while doing straight edge so as to achieve fast switch between bevel edge and straight edge banding work but without possible collision or damage on edge tape.
  • Pre-nesting tracing structure on trimming units makes it possible to do edge banding on workpieces with highe hole.

Technician Data

Model NB5X
Workpiece length ≥150mm
Workpiece width ≥120mm
Min workpiece size 150×120mm
Workpiece thickness 9-25mm
Edge tape thickness 0.6-2mm
Feeding speed 12m/min(inclined)14m/min(straight)
Bevel angle 45°
Dust extraction φ125mm×6
Total power 33kw
Overall size 7700×1050×1650mm
Net weight 3000kg
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