Wide Profiled Sander

Wide Profiled Sander


Product Description

  • This equipment is equipped with automatic feeding system, PLC program memory one-key control system, multi-unit sand head flexible combination, good processing flexibility, high degree of automation, can be connected with automatic assembly line, high production efficiency.
  • Wide processing range, suitable for all kinds of flat, profiled surface, curved surface and other white black, paint can be sanded; such as (wooden doors, cabinet wardrobes, dining tables and chairs,children's beds, floors, etc).

Major technical specifications

Model MSG1300-P2A2C4-8S
Minimum sanding length 400mm
Sanding width 1300mm
Sanding thickness 0 ~ 100mm
Table height 860mm
Conveying motor power 2.2Kw
Feeding speed 0 ~ 10m/min
Power of tranverse sand roller 1 set 1.5kw / 1 set 1.5kw
Straight sand roller motor power 4 sets 1.5kw / 4 sets 1.5kw
Disc motor power 1 set 1.5kw / 1 set 1.5kw
Motor power of lifting and pressing roller 0.37kw
Swing motor power 4 sets 0.37kw / 4 sets 0.37kw
Sanding unit lifting power 4 sets 0.37kw / 4 sets 0.37kw
Mechanical dimension(length, width and height) 3850 x 2230 x 2050mm
Total power 14.5KW
Net weight 3800kg
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