Wide Profiled Sander

Wide Profiled Sander


Product Description

  • The new practical and efficient application of various flat and special-shaped surface preparation equipment (such as: wooden doors, cabinet wardrobes, dining tables and chairs, children's beds, floors, bathrooms, etc).
  • Roller brush processing can be adapted to a variety of flat, bevel, curved, concave and convex surface, profiled surface sanding to avoid sand belt processing can not sand surface and processing flatness when the machined surface flatness is too high shortcomings.
  • Each unit has an independant lifting and swinging function, free frequency control; according to process requirements of the various components can be freely assembled.

Major technical specifications

Model MSG1300-P2A2C2-6S
Minimum sanding length 400mm
Sanding width 1300mm
Sanding thickness 0 ~ 100mm
Table height 860mm
Conveying motor power 2.2Kw
Feeding speed 0 ~ 10m/min
Power of tranverse sand roller 1 set 1.5kw
Straight sand roller motor power 2 sets 1.5kw
Disc motor power 1 set 1.5kw
Motor power of lifting and pressing roller 0.37kw
Swing motor power 3 sets 0.37kw
Sanding unit lifting power 3 sets 0.37kw
Mechanical dimension(length, width and height) 3195 x 2230 x 2050mm
Total power 10.4KW
Net weight 2200kg
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