Short-cycle Lamination Hot Press B

Short-cycle Lamination Hot Press B


Product Description

Worktable Dimension 4000 × 1600mm
Platnes Sepcification 4000 × 1600 × 52mm
Q.ty of oil cylinder & IDA MainΦ125 × 15 pcs
ViceΦ80 × 2 pcs
Platens Spacing 300mm
Working Pressure 400T(6.3kg/cm²)
Feeding Direction From the short side (1600mm)
Closing Speed 20 - 60mm/s
Feeding Speed 20m/min
Heating Method Exothermic Pipe Heating Cycle Heating with Heating Oil
Heating Power 54kW
Max.Temperature 120℃
Installed Power 12kW
Overall Dimension 14000 × 2450 × 2800mm
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